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With a change in customer preferences and increased competition, there is an imperative need for a fundamental reassessment of the approach to technology in banking, rather than quick fixes. Our CEO, Ranga Reddy, highlights key areas such as customer experience, cloud automation, AI integration, and application rationalization to optimize efficiency and minimize costs in banking operations. 

Watch this exclusive interview to gain insight into how Maveric Systems aims to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies. 


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Ranga-ReddyAs CEO and Co-founder, Ranga, strategizes and spearheads Maveric’s pursuit to become one of the world’s top three Bank-Tech solutions specialists transforming digital ecosystems of retail banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. For more than twenty years, Ranga’s laser focus has created an organization that learns, experiments, and innovates through its passionate people and ‘free radical’ practices. His customer success obsession is evident in Maveric’s industry-renowned solutions across pressing challenges in CX, Digital Ops, Regulatory compliance, and connected core domains.

Originally published in Global Banking and Finance Review


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