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N.N.Subramanian (Subbu) is a co-founder and COO at Maveric Systems. Over the last 2 decades at Maveric, he has been closely associated with supporting over 100 banks through the transformation of their core and satellite systems. Subbu is focusing on enabling scalability of operations and establishing governance processes for each of the strategic initiatives & descriptors of our 2025 strategy.

In his role as COO, Subbu leads talent acquisition strategies and drives integrated enterprise automation that enables scalability across functions and locations. Subbu also ensures alignment of business units to account acquisition structure, besides being responsible for IT infrastructure, quality management processes and facilities.

Subbu has more than 30 years of professional experience across the fields of business development and management consulting. Before Maveric, he was a management consultant with Eicher Consultancy Services and Proact Management Consulting (a consulting firm that he co-founded). His main area of work was quality in service organizations. He has done his postgraduate diploma in management from the Management Development Institute.

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