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The banking sector is experiencing a metamorphosis driven by a relentless focus on customer experience (CX). Traditional models are giving way to a tech-centric approach, where innovative platforms and powerful technologies are transforming every aspect of the customer journey.

This transformation is about delivering seamless, personalized, and efficient experiences at every touchpoint, thereby helping firms compete and grow efficiently in a highly competitive market facing uncertainty and disruptions (political, social, technological, economic).  Let’s delve into some of the key technologies and platforms that are leading this revolution:


Top Technologies Shaping the Future of Banking CX:

1) AI and Machine Learning (ML):

AI and ML are revolutionizing banking by automating tasks, personalizing recommendations, and safeguarding customer data through advanced fraud detection.

2) Hyper-Personalization:

Customers today expect experiences tailored to their unique financial goals and preferences. Hyper-personalization utilizes advanced analytics and AI to deliver real-time product recommendations, understand customer behavior patterns, and anticipate future actions.

3) Blockchain:

This secure and transparent technology offers immense potential for the banking sector.  Imagine faster cross-border payments with tamper-proof records – blockchain facilitates this with its decentralized ledger system and smart contract capabilities.

4) Process Automation (RPA):

Streamlining operations and reducing costs is crucial in a competitive landscape. Process Automation (Combination of RPA, BPM, Document Processing technologies & platforms) automates repetitive tasks such as account opening or loan processing, freeing up human resources to focus on higher-value activities and enhance customer service.

Platforms Empowering Exceptional Customer Journeys:

1) Customer Journey Orchestration Platforms:

These platforms provide a micro view of individual customer journeys, enabling banks to deliver real-time, personalized experiences across various touchpoints, be it mobile apps, online banking, or physical branches.

2) Digital Banking Platforms:

From online banking and mobile banking to fund transfers and bill payments, digital banking platforms offer unparalleled convenience to customers and significantly reduce operational costs for banks.

3) Customer Experience Management (CXM) Systems:

CXM platforms go beyond traditional CRM systems by focusing on the entire customer experience across all touchpoints.  They gather customer feedback, analyze behavior patterns, and offer insights to optimize services and interactions for enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4) Open Banking Platforms:

These platforms foster collaboration and innovation by allowing secure data sharing between banks and third-party providers. This integrated approach creates a holistic financial experience for customers with a wider range of financial products and services under one umbrella.

The Human Touch and Tech: A Winning Formula for the Future

While technology will continue to play a crucial role in shaping exceptional customer experiences, the human touch remains irreplaceable. Banks that can seamlessly integrate the two, staying adaptable and responsive to market and sectoral changes, will lead the next era of banking. The journey towards enhanced CX is ongoing, but with the insights and trends highlighted in this report, banking leaders are well-equipped to navigate the path ahead.  Maveric’s CX report empowers them to embrace the future of CX, crafting a winning formula that blends the power of technology with the irreplaceable value of human connection.

Co-authored by Ashutosh Karandikar, and Venkatesh Padmanabhachari

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