Support your BAU operations across the Temenos T24 landscape

T24 platform from Temenos is an industry leading core banking solution that has been used by over 600 banking and financial institutions. It has been the leading banking solution for over 15 years, extensively used by a wide spectrum of banks ranging from small and mid-size banks to large global banking leaders. This solution addresses a wide range of banking areas right from retail and corporate banking to Islamic, private and community banking.

We offer end to end services to support your operations across the Temenos T24 landscape in the following areas:-


With the aim of getting it right the first time around, Maveric’s expert team of Business SMEs and Tech BAs armed with expertise in tools such as jBLoader, Confluence, Maveric’s own Assure Hawk framework, as well as other automation tools including OFS automation, offer the following services:-

Requirements Validation and Elaboration

  • Skilled domain-led functional and T24 technical resource pool;
  • Structured elaboration through data-centric user story driven methods

Impact Analysis across architecture

  • Core v/s Local customization analysis across versions, parameters and routines and configurations;
  • Impact across all surrounding tiers of the IT landscape

Automation-led Engineering

  • Tool based application setup extraction and validation
  • Use of BDD / data driven / OFS led Automation across the IT product lifecycle


With our commitment to an agile delivery mode, and focus on continuous delivery, Maveric’s Tech BAs, Development, and Deployment team armed with Agile CI/CD tools, SVN/Subversion, jBLoader, iVCTL, tDM, etc., deliver the following:-

Development & Source Control

  • Single and multi-branch code check-in management
  • Local development and global core updates retrofit

Deployment & Release Management

  • Automated deployment across multiple environments
  • Stringent Release policies, governance and rollback

Delivery model agnostic approaches

  • Onsite, Offshore and hybrid models of delivery for build and run the bank teams
  • Bi-modal sizing – agile and traditional delivery methods


With a predictive model for monitoring, Maveric offers services, through our COB and Production Analysts, Performance/DB Leads, Support Line, with expertise in tools such as iMLog, iMonit, JMeter, Splunk, tAlert, and Rapidminer, such as:-

Predictive Application Monitoring

  • Predictive issue monitoring and feedback loops
  • Application and database performance monitoring and tuning

Close of Business

  • COB tuning, troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Job prioritization – pre-COB and post-COB activities and cleanup

Support Lines and User Training

  • L1 /L2 support with comprehensive root cause analysis and feedback
  • User training and application support