Quality Engineering services

Banking Transformation Journey Empowered with Continuous Quality 

In the age of banking 4.0, speed to market takes its precedence with assured higher quality levels. Thus, the role of Quality Engineering (QE) has become highly critical, as organizations look to digitally disrupt.

In the banking domain, Maveric Systems is a world-class leader in providing QE services. We provide customers with a holistic QE approach, which is insights-driven and automation-led. Our client success stories are backed by proven methodologies, value-added accelerators and standards led by Agile/DevOps principles. With our value-added test accelerators, we drive substantial cost savings by eliminating traditional manual efforts.

Our Quality Engineering Services

Fostering 95% QE Automation Culture

With our proprietary value added tools, accelerators and matured frameworks for digital age QE, we foster the culture of "95% QE automation". Some of them are highlighted below

  • BDD Automation – Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) Automation approach helps in strong collaboration across SDLC members
  • XtrA – Script-less automation tool built for in-line and day-1 automation solutions
  • STACO – Smart solution to mine & optimize test cases using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms
  • RTP – Single platform for Digital QE solutions based on BDD principles and integration with external cloud services.
  • SDET Services – How to prevent defects early? SDETs collaborate with developers, product management teams and business stakeholders and perform testing activities, continuous integration and regression tests
  • Service Virtualization – Test early using service virtualization

Reach out to us for any help and support you need for Quality Engineering.