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Business As Usual

Business As Usual (Steady State)

Temenos T24 is a complete front-to-back-office CRM and product lifecycle management software platform that powers core banking operations. We offer end-to-end services to support your operations across the Temenos T24 landscape in the following areas:-

Requirements Validation and Elaboration

  • Requirements validation followed by FSD/TSD preparation
  • Screening test criteria
  • CR documents preparation


  • Developments: Interfaces, Version routines, Enquiries, Template programs,TWS
  • Perform unit testing
  • Documentation

First Line Support

  • Recreate bugs reported by bank users
  • Recreate and analyze local issues to report to developer for fixing
  • Test and deploy bug fixes
  • Report and follow up core issues with the Temenos team
  • Identify alternative solutions to work for key issues

Environment management

  • Run COBs, manage COB failures in consultation with Temenos
  • Report performance degradation for job based on log files
  • Run regular archival process, script automation
  • Provide deployment support
  • Manage test and development environments

T24 Upgrade and implementation services

Temenos 24 (T24) is the most advanced and scalable core banking platform trusted by many global banks across the world.

Maveric offers end-to-end T24 implementation and upgrade services. Our success stories are backed by TIM methodology, result-driven best practices and our value added accelerators for faster time to market. With our vast T24 experience, we have defined best-of-breed processes for running successful implementation programs in both agile and waterfall methods.

Our service lines are broadly classified under the below heads


T24 Implementations


T24 Upgrades

Change Request Management

Temenos – T24 Core Banking Services

Temenos has been transforming banking operations for world’s leading banking fraternities. It is one of most trusted core banking platforms for running and managing daily banking service operations.

At Maveric, we have been empowering the global banking sector with comprehensive suite of Temenos T24 services. Our portfolio of T24 services not only enables you to unlock its full potential, but also helps you to be at the forefront of the digital banking revolution. We leverage our deep core banking domain strengths, T24 functional and technical expertise, proven methodologies, value-added accelerators and industry leading best practices for driving T24 service excellence.

Our T24 solution experts have vast experience in tailoring your core banking solution, specific to your geographic needs and banking requirements. With every customer engagement, we bring our unique designed value added accelerators for reducing the time to market while increasing the precision and accuracy in delivery timelines. Our value added accelerators impact in every phase of T24 service life-cycle- be it for strategic consulting, fresh implementation, legacy migration, upgrades, support and more.

Why Maveric Systems

At Maveric, we are looking at creating strategic differences across the IT lifecycle by being domain focused and technology centric and by providing integrated requirements to release assurance offerings that enable clients to eliminate quality, cost, and time-to-market risks associated with their IT engagements.

Our key differentiators include the following:

Domain Specialisation:

For us, domain expertise refers to “complete understanding of products, channels, workflow, business processes, interfaces and frameworks that define how a product is offered by our client”.

We understand how our clients see their business and have transferred this into solutions across banking and telecom domains. We have expertise in engaging with over 50 core banking transformations, some of which include multi-country and multi-location deployments.

We also have experience in handling assurance engagements across a wide range of banking and telecom products including Temenos T24, FLEXCUBE, Misys Equation, Finacle, Eximbills, Trade Innovation, BankTrade, Fidessa, SunGard, Murex, Ingenium, TIA, BSCS, Siebel, TIBCO, CS5, iMAL, Ethix and Phoenix.


We have been driving differentiation across our engagements through product-centric assets that bring about a difference in service delivery and quality of our assurance engagements.

Our productivity accelerators – platforms, frameworks, and methodologies guarantee QTE (High Quality, Reduction in Time-to-Market, and Increase in Economy) at all stages of the lifecycle and have enabled us in the past 15 years to increase automation and reusability of assets for numerous clients.

Technology Competency:

With the need of the hour demanding more than automation and agile capabilities, we bring to the table in-house tools and frameworks that augment technology capability. They include:

  • Requirements to release testing in Digital Assurance across cloud testing, user experience, security, etc.
  • API & Middleware Testing.
  • Data Assurance Solutions such as Big Data Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Master & Meta Data Management, Data Quality Assurance etc.
  • Service Virtualization offerings such as End-to-End Service Virtualization and Implementation Capability at Application, Infrastructure and Data Levels.

Sportsperson & Performing Artist

Exciting Career Opportunities For Sportsperson & Performing Artist

When the company was started in 2000, we chose the name Maveric as it denotes everything we wished our company and its people should stand for – driven individuals who shy away from mediocrity and are adventure seekers in every aspect of living.

Sportspersons and performing artists have the drive to practice a task rigorously, relentlessly, and even in the midst of failure until they succeed. Sports as well as artistic endeavors present people with opportunities to show and develop character. In both, people are likely to show traits like motivation, creativity and independence, and also enable them to learn such life lessons as overcoming adversity, demonstrating empathy or learning the importance of hard work and perseverance.

The idea at Maveric is to motivate sports person and performing artist off the field as well by giving them the best opportunities and successful career option.

A lot of things learned through sport are transferable into business life. At Maveric we believe that sportsperson and performing artist have a wonderful advantage to succeed in the professional world, so long as they treat business like sport – follow their passions, keep an open mind to new opportunities, and refuse to take no for an answer.These are the traits that Maveric looks for in its associates.

What Opportunities and How?

At Maveric, we see technology as an enabler – it is the tool or medium which enables us to achieve our goal of providing end-to-end assurance to our clients. With their in-built inclination and training in team work, leadership qualities, orientation to details, and discipline, all they have to master is technology in order to join our workforce and become effective right from the onset of their career with us.

We offer opportunities to sports person and performing artist who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the IT Software field as a techno functional QA professional.

All individuals who are interested in opportunities at Maveric are encouraged to write to us at