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Pandemic doesn’t stop Acceleration & Innovation at Maveric

Pandemic doesn’t stop Acceleration & Innovation at Maveric On top of their regular customer service programs, a global top tier bank with the largest credit cards customer base in US, needs to embark on additional 300 ‘new’ programs.  These programs – stimulus package rollouts and small business investment supports – are ‘suddenly’ brought in play by the COVID scenario. Not able to work from office or travel for face-to-face orientation, and lesser turnaround time for emergency knowledge transfer, means the pressures piles on – slowly, steadily and substantially. In this case study, read how the Maveric Data team did not allow the pandemic to stop acceleration and innovation for this Fortune 50 bank. Download to read more.




Data Transformation for Precision Banking Data is the lifeblood of precision banking and superior experience delivery. In the rush to address the mechanics (velocity and volume) of data – which aren’t the real problem, not nearly enough attention is invested in data versatility and veracity.

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Experience Engineering Drives Real Digital Transformation Successful digital transformation unlocks the enormous business potential of customer experience for a bank. Reimagine digital delivery with pre-built accelerators, integrated customer & product journey catalogues, and ready-to-deploy DDR models.

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Connected Core. Maximum Value Enhancement For banks with Temenos at their core, Maveric guarantees maximum value extraction. With 15+ years Temenos product stack mastery, we are the foremost authority on Temenos – A Certified Temenos Partner, with Temenos (TLC) Certified T24 functional.

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Accelerated Development As QE moves from philosophy, to being actively practiced, it is woven seamlessly through the SDLC, finally bringing dev-ops-business into synch. The Maveric integrated QE platform with real time insight –driven dashboards, transforms your decisions.

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