Life at Maveric


We are Maveric not only in name but in spirit too. We take care of each other.

We are youthful, enjoy having full access to our leaders, and treat our people at any level with respect and affection. We believe that the freedom to learn, to experiment and make mistakes, backed by a strong innovative and caring culture has kept our family thriving over the past 15 years.

Our Promise

At Maveric, our associates are groomed through a meticulous layered competency model that imparts domain, product, and technology expertise along with project and program management skills.

The Maveric Advantage

Ranga, our CEO likes to quote, “Who you are with on the bus is more important than where the bus is going.”

We fulfil our clients IT Lifecycle needs while aiming to be the best domain led insight driven information technology services provider within the next 4 years.

Want to come aboard?

If all of this excites you or if you feel the urge to know more, let’s talk!
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