Principles for sustainable growth in Corporate banking

Principle 1

Embrace Sustainable Banking Principles in Corporate Banking Services: Promoting sustainable growth in corporate banking starts with embracing core principles. Aligning with environmental, social, and governance considerations ensures positive impacts on sustainability and well-being. Integrating environmental and social risk management identifies and mitigates risks, fostering a responsible approach.

Principle 2

Environmental and Social Footprint in Corporate Banking Products: Corporate sustainability means minimizing our environmental and social impact. We commit to reducing our carbon footprint through energy-efficient tech and sustainable supply chains, fostering a healthier planet and enhancing our brand reputation.

Principle 3

Social Responsibility and Human Rights across  Corporate Banking Digital Transformations: Sustainable growth involves upholding human rights and social responsibility. As a corporate bank, we pledge to respect and assess the impact of our operations on human rights, fostering inclusivity, diversity, and women’s economic empowerment.