As the core banking solution adopted by over 600 banking and financial institutions, Temenos’ T24 has been leading banking solution for over 15 years and its clients range from small and mid-size banks to large global banking leaders.

Maveric’s expertise in various banking sub-domains across retail and corporate banking to Islamic, private and community banking have been successfully translated over the past 2 decades into specialized services in T24. We offer T-24 transformation, upgrade, and support services that help your organization derive the maximum benefit from Temenos T-24’s wide range of features, and transform them into a flexible and scalable architecture.

Our talent cuts across all functional domains like Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, Wealth Management with end to end talent be it Business Analyst, Developers, Test Analyst. Islamic Banking is also a key domain we are experienced with extensively. One other part of Wealth Suite we have expertise is on Triple-A plus (TAP+TTI) in both development and QA streams.

We offer end-to-end services to support your operations across the Temenos T24 landscape in the following areas:-

Greenfield Implementation (T24 Implementation services)

T24 Transformation Services

T24 Upgrades

T24 Support Services

Business As Usual (Steady State)

T24 Accelerators and Framework services