Software Test Advisory Services

In the current digital transformation landscape, assuring the quality of applications is paramount. Organisations have been increasingly focusing across all aspects of quality assurance, from processes, methodologies, and skillsets to tools and frameworks. However, most of the organisations severely fall behind when it comes to maturity of their testing processes and strategies. The need of the hour is the ability to standardise quality assurance practices and map them to SLAs and organisational quality metrics.

Our Services

Maveric’s test advisory services enable you to assess the effectiveness of your quality assurance initiatives, prioritise improvement areas, and chalk a roadmap to move towards a well-defined assurance program. We help you identify critical parameters, set up assessment criteria, and identify gaps against the desired outcome of the assurance program. We help you monitor progress consistently, redefine expectations and accordingly modify the roadmap and implementation plan for your quality assurance engagements.

Maveric has been involved in test advisory and set up initiatives across a wide range of contexts including transition from a waterfall to agile model, IT integrations during M&A, regional test delivery to global test delivery, TCOE setups and test setup for Greenfield banks. We have expertise in working across a wide range of assessment frameworks including standard, context specific, or hybrid ones. A strong backbone of risk, KPI report as well as What-if repositories help us document best practices and lessons learnt from multiple engagements and use them for betterment of future assurance initiatives.