T24 Downstream and Support Services

Maveric provides comprehensive support services for T24 Systems to enable smooth BAU operations. We have the capability for supporting domain specific operations like T24 COB operations, T24 Deployments as well as domain agnostic technical functions like server & device management and network management.  We work with our clients to arrive at contextual solutions to address the challenge areas of our clients.

Get End-to-end T24 Support

A stable core banking solution is the heart of any Bank. However, Banks are continuously undergoing changes to deliver new features and preferences to its customers. In addition to this, IT is evolving from technology-centric to value-centric. At Maveric Systems, we focus on helping our client to extract maximum value and performance from the core banking platform and supporting systems by ensuring operational stability while ensuring quick releases. This is achieved by implementing change and release management processes along with DevOps practices across the stack. Well-defined support and maintenance of a large system like T24 is vital to the successful financial institution. Maveric systems has the T24 technical and domain knowledge and, above all, the processes required to provide maintenance and support that meet strict service level agreements (SLAs).

We adopt a partnership based approach in our client relationships and work closely with the clients to drive development to ensure that T24 continues to meet the needs of business and the market in which they operate. As a service we offer:

  • Incident Resolution
  • Understand Production issues and analyse, resolve within stipulated time frame
  • On-call Support team to help for urgent task in client working hours
  • Monitoring, maintaining and supporting production T24 sites and servers to ensure high availability of the systems
  • Coordination with Temenos L1 team if required
  • Product Enhancements – Adding new functionality (integrations, interfaces, applications, reports)
  • Ensure proper working of live system without interrupting any services to customers
  • T24 Production COB execution
  • T24 Release Servicing and Change Management
  • Support and monitor users’ activity under Temenos T24
  • Perform day to day operations and processes to support smooth business operation

We offer test environment suport for both T24 deployments and non-T24 based deployments as highlighted below
T24 Deployments

  • Live V/s test sync resolution
  • T24 product / pack installation
  • Troubleshooting failed Deployments
  • Root cause analysis
  • Release and Change Management
    Use of Automated tools / DevOps in above areas
    Non T24 Deployments
  • Live V/s test sync of other 3rd party applications
  • Troubleshooting failed Deployments
  • Root cause analysis
  • Release and Change Management
  • Use of Automated tools / DevOps in above areas

Running on a 24×7, 365 day basis, T24 provides uninterrupted banking services for millions of banking customers across the globe. Maveric has contributed immensely in reducing the environment downtime in test environments which was attributable to COB. We have also been able to provide this as a seamless service for over 30 test environments. We work with our clients to address their specific needs. We can provide the following services:-

  • COB Monitoring
  • COB Performance Monitoring
  • Log Monitoring
  • Session Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • System Performance
  • T24 COB Analysis
  • COB Analysis Reports
  • T24 COB Monitoring Tool
  • Automated Housekeeping Tool
  • Automated COB Scheduler
  • Fully Managed Service in Onsite-Offshore model
  • COB monitoring Support provided round the clock
  • Analysing and reporting COB performance and COB issues
  • Automated Housekeeping and COB Scheduling
  • Automated Alert mechanism for COB and Space issues using Shell Scripts

One of the key challenges of modern Banks is to release multiple features in a timely fashion to its customers. With multiple projects running simultaneously at any given point of time, the Banks need to have multiple Dev, QA, Pre-Prod environments. If not managed well, these multiple environments can present their own challenges.
Maveric Systems has helped its clients by owning these tasks and helping banks to focus more on business and value creation. Our streamlined processes and technical expertise helps in management of multiple environments effectively and adhering to the compliance norms as per regulatory policies. Below are some of the functions the Maveric Systems provide as part of Server & Device Management

  • Environment configuration management
  • Environment creation & restoration
  • Allocation / Booking of Environments
  • User account management
  • Database Management / Administration
  • Database / Application Backups
  • Environment performance monitoring
  • Test Data Management

Our T24 Downstream Services Methodology

Service Strategy

We start by assessing Client’s current IT Operations capability in Core Banking Area, producing a business case for Downstream services, and a roadmap to meet business goals.

Technology Selection

Our experts help client to understand and select the different types of technologies needed to execute the defined strategy and roadmap.


We design your existing Downstream services processes and workloads to operate efficiently and error free to give services seamlessly and securely.

Operational Visibility

We establish monitoring and reporting processes for performance measurement and operational visibility to prove the success of Services provided

Operations Management

Once the implementation is complete, our experts can become an extension of Client’s team, assisting in managing their operations, improving delivery and productivity

Continuous Improvements

With our expertise in various fields of Support services, we strive to continuously improve the service experience for our Clients, helping them to stay ahead of their competition.

The 3-Step Approach for T24 Downstream and Support services


We map out existing Core banking downstream services like Application Support, Server & Device Management and Network Management to produce an assessment and roadmap of activities required to automate and increase the efficiency of these operations.


We implement and integrate solutions appropriate for your Downstream services. Afterwards, we automate existing workloads in a new environment.


After Downstream services are delivered, we continue to provide round the clock ongoing operations management and automation support for new technologies and workloads.