Growing technology revolutions in Banking requires your T24 core banking application to be flexible enough to talk to other banking and third-party application systems than ever before. Our T24 Integration and interaction services enable you to respond faster and create new possibilities by transforming your banking experience.

With our unified T24 integration approach, we address today’s banking challenges driven by digital disruption, growing regulations, new standards and more. We leverage Temenos interaction and integration framework, to help you in improvising your customer engagement levels. Our ISO20022-ready API Framework allows you to seamlessly collaborate with FinTechs, your clients and other retail players to serve your existing and newer markets in a very short time. It is Temenos T24 compatible out-of-the-box!

Our integration solutions and services are spread across the following segments


  • Front-end solutions using Temenos UXP
  • TCIB solutions
  • TCMB solutions
  • Migration from ARCIB
  • Migration from ARC-mobile
  • Migration from legacy internet banking solutions to TCIB
  • Integration of T24 with current internet/mobile banking solutions
  • Selfie-Banking
  • Responsive dashboards
  • On-boarding solutions implementing work flows
Digitize your banking experience with the right channels

PSD2 Solutions

  • Implementation of Open Banking API specifications with PSD2 compliance
  • Extending Temenos published PSD2 APIs
  • Secure XS2A implementations
  • PSD2 solutions for clients on older T24 releases
Run safer and wiser by being compliant

M-UNIFI API Framework

  • Build solutions on Maveric’s ISO20022 API Framework
  • Publish APIs for use with Upstream and Downstream Applications
  • Smart APIs
  • Implementation of industry standard security for the APIs
  • Implement REST solutions using Temenos published Provider APIs
  • Build custom APIs using Temenos T24 and 3rd Party data
Interact smarter in the API driven-world

Integration Solutions

  • Implement integration framework for event-based T24 data
  • Interfacing solutions to 3rd party applications, feeds, APIs, devices
  • Integration with other PISPs and AISPs
  • Integration with B2B & B2C service providers
  • Point-to-point ESB integration
  • ESB
    • Implementation
    • Migration
    • Upgrade
Connect easier through seamless integration
With our heritage core banking experience, we are much better equipped to help and support your future road to success with the seamless T24 Integration and Interaction Services.