Exciting Career Opportunities For Sportsperson & Performing Artist

When the company was started in 2000, we chose the name Maveric as it denotes everything we wished our company and its people should stand for – driven individuals who shy away from mediocrity and are adventure seekers in every aspect of living.

Sportspersons and performing artists have the drive to practice a task rigorously, relentlessly, and even in the midst of failure until they succeed. Sports as well as artistic endeavors present people with opportunities to show and develop character. In both, people are likely to show traits like motivation, creativity and independence, and also enable them to learn such life lessons as overcoming adversity, demonstrating empathy or learning the importance of hard work and perseverance.

The idea at Maveric is to motivate sports person and performing artist off the field as well by giving them the best opportunities and successful career option.

A lot of things learned through sport are transferable into business life. At Maveric we believe that sportsperson and performing artist have a wonderful advantage to succeed in the professional world, so long as they treat business like sport – follow their passions, keep an open mind to new opportunities, and refuse to take no for an answer.These are the traits that Maveric looks for in its associates.

What Opportunities and How?

At Maveric, we see technology as an enabler - it is the tool or medium which enables us to achieve our goal of providing end-to-end assurance to our clients. With their in-built inclination and training in team work, leadership qualities, orientation to details, and discipline, all they have to master is technology in order to join our workforce and become effective right from the onset of their career with us.

We offer opportunities to sports person and performing artist who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the IT Software field as a techno functional QA professional.

All individuals who are interested in opportunities at Maveric are encouraged to write to us at marketing@maveric-systems.com