Software Test Automation

Majority of organisations feel that even after investing considerable resources in test execution, the quality of application is not up to the expected standards and the test execution phase itself is of substandard quality.

Test automation is right step towards solving these issues. However, it constantly faces challenges that include the following:

  • Poor quality of existing automation scripts causing failures and additional overhead
  • Inability in defining automation scope accurately, leading to creation of automation packs with minimal ROI
  • Selection of inappropriate automation tool leading to underutilisation of the selected tool
  • Inability in incorporating automation early in the test lifecycle leading to minimum realisation of automation benefits
  • Generic Automation vis-à-vis domain specific automation solution as many 3rd party quality assurance partners do not factor in domain.
  • High maintenance cost due to pre-requisites, application changes and change in test data

Our Services

Maveric’s test automation services help you introduce test automation early in the lifecycle by provisioning automated integration testing, enabling you to concentrate on required testing activities with ensured coverage. Our automation approach is business and domain aligned, delivered through a techno functional team ensuring complete coverage across all domain and technology-specific scenarios. Our integrated test automation strategy utilises the maximum functionalities of your automation tool and yet is capable of extending across a wide range of industry-leading automation tools. Further, our automation approach enables training and hand-holding your teams until they are geared, equipped and confident enough to handle automation scripts on their own.

Our test automation services help you maximise automation investments by extending automation to areas including sanity, build validation and test data creation requirements, in addition to regression testing.

Our services are differentiated by:

  • End-to-End Model Based Automation: In-house model driven framework across all stages of application lifecycle and across all architecture layers
  • Agile – QA Automation: Enabling agile development with continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Faster Return on Investment (RoI): Cost benefits on automation within fewer release cycles. Our services aim at a cost break-even in 2.5x execution much lower than industry average.
  • Automation Framework: Decade long experience in building and expanding the framework specifically through experiences in the banking industry. Our framework is compatible with all industry leading tools and capable across areas like GUI Automation, Files Testing, Service Testing, Database Testing, and GUI Object Extraction Engine. The framework also ensures seamless integration with test management tools, defect management tools and product-specific testing tools.