Requirements Management Services

Requirements development and management plays an important role in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Leading surveys indicate that close to 35% of IT budget is wasted due to rework caused by poor definition and management of business requirements. Although, requirements engineering is a relatively mature discipline with well-established methods and techniques from identification to validation of requirements, defects are still prevalent in requirements specification leading to project failure.

Poor requirements lead to significant cost overruns as systems developed either do not meet the needs of the user or are not of usable quality. Inadequately trained requirements engineers, stakeholders and requirement evaluators, inappropriate use of requirements analysis techniques, inconsistent processes & methods for engineering requirements, and inadequate usage and selection of requirements modelling and management tools, lead to poor requirements engineering. Enhancing and continuously improving capabilities required for better requirements development and management across people, processes, methods, tools and techniques is the need of the hour.

Our Services

Maveric’s Requirements Advisory Services is aimed at capturing your requirements better and faster when compared to traditional means. Our services include the following:

Various Requirements Management Services

Maveric’s Requirement Management Services

Our services are collaborative in nature when compared to a consulting mode of engagement whereby we become a part of on-going projects to execute business analysis activities to deliver project deliverables while improving your capabilities. We look towards improving the efficiency of people, processes and systems driving faster gathering of requirements ultimately resulting in faster execution and reach to market.