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Customer experience will define organizations success in their digital transformation journey and customer relationship management (CRM) system will be central to customer experience management.

With the unprecedented access to information and growth in technology, customers have innumerable options to choose from and it is paramount that organizations enhance their CRM systems to engage with customers more often, make their interactions personalized and make every experience delightful to enhance customer experience, build loyalty and improve customer retention.

As CRM holds the core customer data, it is important that these data are utilized for better handling of problems, providing info on best product and service, communicate with customers at right time and to extend customer service across multiple channels.

Maveric Siebel practice is built to address the specific challenge for existing customer who are looking to,

  • Migrate to the latest version of Siebel CRM, Open UI, as part of their Digital Transformation
  • Improve productivity and customer engagement through guided journeys, intuitive UI design
  • Provide mobility to field agents to take product and service offering to customer door step
  • Implement customer loyalty and retention through reward programs and better customer service
  • Implement continuous delivery and zero downtime for business agility and continuity
  • Improve go to market through faster launch of offers and promotion faster
  • Centralize customer data from multiple sources in to Siebel CRM to provide insight to sales and customer service agents for better customer engagement and delight’

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