TEMENOS T24 (T24) is the first choice for many banks setting out to optimize their core banking systems. One of the most technically advanced banking systems available, T24 combines flexible business functionality with scalable architecture to help banks address current and future opportunities and challenges.

As with any sophisticated platform, the value delivered by T24 is dependent upon the quality of its implementation and integration with a bank’s existing systems and business processes.

Maveric offers T24 implementation services that enable banks to uncover the full value of this powerful platform and create a core banking system that is responsive, flexible and efficient.

Maveric’s experience in implementing T24 in both new and legacy replacement scenarios makes us the provider of choice for new T24 implementations. Maveric’s three phase T24 implementation services involve the following:


  • Study of existing system and needs
  • Requirement validation and elaboration, followed by TSD/ FSD preparations
  • Analysis and design
  • Project planning
  • Conducting Requirements Illustration workshops
  • Training


  • Setting up model bank and customizing T24
  • Data Migration
  • Interaction Framework – Expertise in REST APIs
  • Integration Framework- Integration to third party systems through ESB
  • Data Framework – DLM assistance
  • Developments: Version routines, enquiries, template programs, TWS
  • Unit testing, SIT,UAT
  • Documentation


  • Provide first line support
  • Manage COB/ scripting COB Automation
  • Manage test and Dev Ops environments