The increase in complexity of banking technology and increase in demands from customers necessitates a robust IT system that is connected by a thread permeating across all the layers of complexity and integrates the new areas of development in the technology architecture with the old.  DevOps plays a crucial role in breaking the barriers between development and operations/business, and increasing collaboration between the two. With a focus on people over processes, it removes the silos in which teams exist, and accelerates the speed of software delivery.

By maintaining the core principles of Agile, DevOps works in shorter development cycles that incorporates automation right from the beginning, forces shift-left or even start-left testing, and promotes frequent code releases making it easier to spot defects and resolve the same.

Maveric’s DevOps approach too, with its focus on infusing agility and continuous improvements through the project delivery lifecycle, works towards transitioning your banking operations towards a complete Agile mode through the following services:-

  • Consulting – Assessment of current DevOps practices and scope for future implantation.
  • Foundation Laying – Building the blue print for a DevOps mature organization
  • Implementation – Customized implementation strategy based on your needs as well as implantation capacity.
  • Governance – Automated governance frameworks to provide measurability from the start.


Being a niche provider of assurance services to the banking industry, we offer customer-focussed offerings that imbibe Devops principles across all stages of the application lifecycle, and operates in an integrated execution approach that automates and streamlines the delivery process. We aid in assessing your structure, processes, as well as current implementation of DevOps & enterprise readiness to develop DevOps in future technology adoption.

Furthermore, we also enable your organization to adopt DevOps by laying down the blue print in terms of internal culture building, reskilling should there be a need, as well as external support enablement such as cloud, implementing the right tool mix, etc. From collaboration between the development and testing teams to facilitate script standardization, to generation of automation packs that facilitate immediate testing with the first code drop, to creation of synthetic data that can be provisioned across environments, we focus on creating a change in the way technology is implemented in your bank, and work towards standardizing these processes through creation of reusable components for future iterations.

Any implementation is initiated with the transformation of small, manageable, yet varied pieces, and then scale those successes to larger projects and ultimately the entire enterprise. We understand that without efficient governance, the value derived from DevOps cannot be completely realized, and hence, the focus here is on automation of monitoring and reporting so that the complete application lifecycle mirrors the DevOps loop of Continuous Development and Continuous Improvement.

DevOps is not just a process or accelerator alone, but rather a cultural change in every organization and we work towards development of a customized model for your bank that will ensure a smooth journey towards complete agility.


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