Data Services

In managing data, a critical component is preserving and enabling the current data to aid in the operations as well as decision making in the enterprise. Irrespective of the changes occurring in the storage solutions, applications- sunsetting or modernization, the data are to be managed.

Data management has two components- one to make data compliant with security regulations so that it is available in a ready state for use by internal or external stakeholders; and the second, is to make it ready for decision making.

Maveric’s data services help in identifying the right set of data and enable rapid deployment thereby ensuring the availability of validated and verified data for business users. We provide an end-to-end framework for creating comprehensive test data with importance on data being optimized, secure and automated.

Our services include

Data migration

  • Storage related migrations - Host or network based field or block level migrations and array based block level migration. Know more..
  • Database migrations/ETL - Migrations of data from source to target databases with or without transformations and validations.

Data Migration

Data management

Our data management services includes the following.

Test data management

  • Provision of synthetic as well as production data in a masked form
  • Sub-setting the data and making them available across the various environments.

Synthetic data creation

Generation of data for new requirements or where no production data sets are available.

Data Management v2

Data masking

Static as well as dynamic data masking for test data management or for big data analysis using Hadoop, Cloud era, Harton works or MapR.

Data cleansing

This is to scrub the data thereby remove duplicates, modify data to suit the specification, transform data for any misformats and ensure their integrity.

Database virtualization

Our database virtualization services include abstraction, virtualized data access, transformation, federation and data delivery covering a whole lot of source systems and making them available to users or client applications in the format required by them.

Virtualization - 2