Application Testing Services

Whatever be the nature of the engagement - transformation, upgrade, or Greenfield and BAU, functional testing of applications is an essential component. Business needs, rapid product/application launches, changing technologies, modernisation of systems and operational efficiency enhancements are some of the key drivers for application testing services. Client requirements are being increasingly vertical focused, demanding strong domain and technology expertise to ensure quality test design and optimum coverage with minimised risk to production. In addition, growing complexities of applications and emerging digital technologies are creating the need for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of functional testing.

Our services

As an industry-leading assurance services provider, we bring strong domain knowledge, technical and managerial independence through our proven functional testing methodology driven by our asset-based functional testing framework.

Our application testing services consist of the following:

System Integration Testing (SIT): Our system and integration approach via Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and middleware testing services ensure that SOA implementations go smoothly. Our expertise also covers various types of testing on cloud.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Our UAT services for end-user organisations and system integrators include on-going regression testing of planned and maintenance releases.

Test Automation: Our test automation services include creation and execution of a regression automation pack. We follow an integrated automation approach that covers selection of an automated testing tool and definition of a Test Automation framework, test planning and management, test scripting and defect management.

Key Differentiators :

Our proprietary methodologies, domain-centric frameworks and test accelerators help us deliver efficiencies and effectiveness in terms of speed-to-market and enhanced product quality. Clients benefit from our years of experience of managing large functional testing projects by experts who work in a structured and systematic way, using the Maveric Test Methodology (MTM).

Our unique and proprietary “Test Basis” serves as a functional requirements definition framework that encapsulates and moderates business requirements to testable requirements leading to traceable and measurable coverage.

“Testac” is our proprietary test design workbench that produces highly optimised and rationalised Test Pack, ensuring maximum coverage through minimal test paths leading to lesser number of test cases thereby translating to lesser testing effort, schedule and costs.