About Testac - For Software Test Automation

Testac is our proprietary test design workbench that is a highly optimised and rationalised test pack ensuring maximum coverage through minimal test paths leading to lesser number of test cases leading to lesser testing effort, schedule and costs.

The precursor to Test Basis, Testac was Maveric’s first proprietary test design framework that is a manifestation of the Shift-Left philosophy that introduced the concept of design automation rather than just test automation and has led to the creation and development of other frameworks such as Test Basis.

Key Benefits :

  • Minimal investment in test design
  • Maximum coverage with minimal test paths
  • Ratio of validation to transactions are higher
  • Minimise/optimise number of CoB runs
  • Optimise use of test bed and test data
  • Impact-driven testing3 Layered Outputs – End-to-End business process scenarios
  • Standalone transaction validation and test data indicators

Key Differentiators

  • Cumulative reduction in testing efforts by up to 40% per round of testing
  • Based on multi-combinatorial testing principles
  • Ability to create System Level Tests as well as End-to-End business process scenarios
  • Ability to enhance existing tests rather than create new methodical and measurable traceability