Software Requirements Specification Test Platform

Test Basis is a proprietary requirements definition workbench that enhances automation testing by consolidating scattered Requirements specification into a domain specific, modular, scalable, maintainable, and readable test basis.
Not only does it consolidate scattered requirements, but also identifies missing requirements and facilitates the bank’s validation of the tester’s understanding of requirements.
Whether the Requirements are elaborate or sketchy (as in most instances of Agile adoption), they are translated into test design for the testers’ benefit using the Test Basis framework.

Key Benefits:

  • All requirements on a single platform
  • Better requirements quality
  • Clear Impact Analysis
  • Enhances test conditions
  • Easier change management
  • Methodical and measurable traceability
  • Bird’s-eye view for easy review
  • Enables automated processing
  • Integrates with requirement management tools
  • Shift Left - Early defect detection

Key Differentiators:

  • Requirements Management integrated into the SDLC and Assurance Lifecycle (Test Design, Test Execution and Test Automation)
  • Domain specific framework
  • Ability to establish multiple relationships between Requirements enabling Impact Analysis