About AssureHawk™ - An Automated Software Testing Platform

Presenting AssureHawk™ from Maveric

The first of its kind automated specifications generating platform

AssureHawk™ generates three documents from your T24 environment.

Our solution uses readily available skills, doing away with the need for specialised product expertise, business knowledge, and specification writing skills. AssureHawk™ generates complete business and technical documentation. Every single change in the product is captured effortlessly without duplication of effort.The wealth of data generated by AssureHawk™ aids change management and adds value to business decisions. AssureHawk™ mirrors the Temenos T24 application of the client, thereby providing a secure environment and a very simple user interface.


 Challenges in Generating Automated Specification Documents

What It Does?

  • Functional specification document that lays out the specification for any entry screen.
  • Business product specification that traces the lifecycle of the product including the normal and exceptional cycles, the business rules, and the interfaces to other modules within the application.
  • Parameter definition that provides the various parameters (predefined or custom), their various record IDs, and the values carried in them.