Why AccelGate?

Key Challenges in Developing a Mobile Application

With more than 60% of global customers expected to use digital banking by 2015, this could be a make-or-break situation for a brand. Success depends entirely on a comprehensive testing and quality assurance strategy before the roll out of any new digital initiative. The pertinent question here would be “Is your Digital Channel Testing and Assurance strategy in place?”

  • Banking business is continuously redefined by new age startups and technology innovators.
  • Highly fragmented and ever changing technology ecosystem (devices, manufacturers, operating systems and browsers) makes coverage challenging for a long tail of customers.
  • Release cycle time gets squeezed thereby putting pressure on QA teams to adopt agile testing methods, innovative test execution methods, and increased automation.

Switch to AccelGate Platform

AccelGate platform combines Maveric’s Banking Model, Device Compatibility Library Model and a Cross Platform Automated Testing Framework to ensure maximum device and test coverage with minimal infrastructure cost while doing so by decreasing Time-To-Market.

AccelGate is a well-researched and carefully thought-out testing solution, perfect for an entire range of mobile and smart devices. Bankers require a solution that has a proven track record of usability and functionality and a systematic testing plan.

Banking Model

  • Extraction tool to capture as-is application state.
  • Proprietary Model-Driven Automated Test Design Workbench to achieve maximum test coverage with minimal test paths.
  • Reusable object repository, business rules and test scenarios repositories including automation test packs.
  • Interoperable with any banking (off the shelf or home grown legacy) platform.

Device Compatibility Library Model

Device variation is a huge challenge, especially in the banking domain.

AccelGate boasts of a home grown model mapping the application’s compatibility against the following:

  • Technology features of devices.
  • Operating systems.
  • Manufacturers' skins.
  • Browsers.

This model ensures that the application is tested to deliver maximum compatibility coverage and allows easy traceability of defects and issues to the right technology layer. It is also customised to specific geography and customer segments’ usage of the digital ecosystem.

Cross-Platform Test Execution Automation Framework

Maveric’s Test Execution framework is aligned to the banking application landscape with scripting done at field and input-type level to ensure reusability. The framework provides for remote execution and simultaneous execution on multiple devices. It leverages physical devices (both onsite and cloud) as well as uses manufacturers' emulators that are able to comprehensively emulate the features across multiple layers of:

Usability and Compatibility Testing Usability and Compatibility Testing

Performance TestingPerformance Testing

Network TestingNetwork Testing

Security TestingSecurity Testing

Functional and Non-Functional TestingFunctional and Non-Functional Testing

GUI TestingGUI Testing