How Does it Benefit You?

Early market launch

  • Scalable and reusable testing methodologies and assets assure faster Time-To-Market.
  • Cross platform and simultaneous test execution reduce test execution time.
  • Automation moved upstream to requirements encapsulation and test design to reduce overall cycle time.
  • Improves quality of your application
    Methodical model-based approach to compatibility testing increases device coverage without increasing the Cost-To-Market. Better understanding of interplay between technology features and banking functionalities allow for risk-based testing for high impact areas.
  • Low reliance on digital technology specialists
    Knowledge library for troubleshooting allows easy traceability of issues for faster turnaround/response to customer feedback.
  • Cost-effective
    Less infrastructure cost and intelligent testing plans cut your cost drastically, making AccelGate very affordable.

How Does it Benefit Your Customers?

  • Ease of use
    Users can experience a uniform, consistent, intuitive and reliable digital interface to your bank.
  • Faster and Secure
    Enable users to conduct faster and secure transactions.