About AccelGate™ - Digital Banking Apps Software Testing Platform

  • Overcome the challenges posed by a fragmented technology landscape and a diverse customer segment to fast track launch of your application in multiple countries.
  • Understand the impact of new age digital technologies on various banking features to be future ready and launch innovative solutions for your customers ahead of competitors.
  • Increase automation to reduce testing effort at the various assurance lifecycle phases and thereby reduce your Time-to-Market.
  • Increase efficiency of your operations and support teams by being able to trace issues across technology layers and offer faster resolution to customer problems.
  • Augment and improve your existing quality assurance processes and skill sets to keep pace with fast change of technology.
  • Reduce your Cost-To-Market by being able to leverage reusable assets and adopt optimised test methods.

AccelGate is the Solution for You

AccelGate for Digital Channels is Maveric’s platform-led testing solution for digital channel applications. AccelGate enables bankers to thoroughly test their digital applications and deliver defect-free, cost-efficient applications at a faster pace.

What distinguishes your digital banking application from the rest in the market is how quickly it responds, how efficiently it manages requests, and how safely it transacts. All of which are crucial and key differentiators and what eventually keeps your customers delighted. AccelGate is a wholesome solution that tests all aspects of your digital banking apps for functionality, compatibility, performance and usability.