Technology Led Offerings

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Service Oriented Middleware have profound impact on the way applications are built and deployed. Enabling fully integrated application environments with a communication layer connecting application and system components, SOA has ushered in a landscape of seamlessly integrated and agile business-oriented services accessed throughout the enterprise.

Traditional validation mechanisms and automation tools are ineffective in SOAT/Service Oriented Middleware testing because of the way such components are architected, built and integrated. Apart from testing individual applications, testing will also need to cover the integrated solution, often spanning across the entire organisation.

Service Offering

Maveric’s technology-led assurance offerings help you address your SOA & Middleware testing landscape with a highly effective set of tools, minimise the risks and costs associated with SOA implementations and improve business agility. With significant expertise in Web Services, IBM Websphere, TIBCO and Oracle Fusion and proprietary accelerators for Test Design, Test Execution & Service Virtualization, we are well positioned to deliver value to businesses initiating build and transformation initiatives in the SOA space.

Our assurance approach uses the following accelerators and frameworks to test the full SOA stack (service providers, service directories, service consumers, middleware, authentication providers, etc.) for tests covering functional, performance, load, QoS, reliability and compatibility areas.

Test Design Workbench (TDW): A proprietary accelerator from Maveric, TDW enables scraping/scrubbing application screens (applications, web applications and mobile applications), Web Services, APIs and Middleware messages & Design Templates. It provides:

  • Workbench for manual and fully automated test design using the model-based testing approach. Test scenarios and test cases can be designed with test data.
  • Test execution using standard test execution harnesses such as HP UFT, Selenium, SeeTest, AppMonkey & SoapUI.

Service Virtualization Accelerators using CA LISA: Our service virtualization accelerator toolkit includes readily available virtualized services such as SWIFT, FIX, FpML, ISO8583, RTGS, etc.

Test Data: SOA/Service Oriented Middleware being largely data intensive, our TDM services enable creation of appropriate test bed with managed test data.