Surround System Transformation and Upgrades

In the current digital age, organisations are striving hard to build a uniform customer experience that merges at-home, in-store and other digital channels into one seamless experience. Customer is interacting with businesses simultaneously over both online and offline channels, thus challenging them to provide consistent messaging across all applications, touch points and devices. There is an increased focus on availability, user experience, security and performance of IT applications driving the need for an assurance services provider who can meet their expectations. Further, digitization is accompanied by constant updates to core as well as surround applications (operating system changes and releases), necessitating quality assurance services with particular focus on agility, reliability and predictability.

Service Offering

Maveric provides quality assurance services across a wide spectrum of surround systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Loan Origination and Management Systems, Trade Finance applications, Internet and Mobile banking platforms and Treasury applications. Be it rollout of new applications, migration from legacy to new technology platforms or enterprise transformation initiatives, we can help you assure the quality of your surround application landscape.

Our services are delivered in a managed services mode committing to pre-defined SLAs and integrating automation, performance and security testing services as required. We have expertise in delivering assurance services across a wide range of applications including the likes of Siebel, Murex, FinOne, MSDynamics, Finacle Online and multiple Mobile banking platforms. We have served more than 100 customers in the financial services industry delivering quality assurance programs with particular focus on core banking systems and surround applications. Our in-house expertise across a wide range of open source and proprietary automation tools enable us to bring forth benefits across various surround systems upgrade and transformation initiatives.