Omni-Channel Assurance Services

Increasing consumer awareness and rapid increase in adoption of digital media are compelling organisations to leverage technology to improve their responsiveness, customer engagement, and experience. Customer experience has evolved from single-channel to multi-channel, followed by creation of a centralised customer index (consolidation of customer and product information) to omni channel that drives a unified customer experience irrespective of the workflows defined for each channel.

Achieving a true omni channel experience across enterprise is about consolidating the business lines and product groups attached to respective customer segments into a single view and also providing a uniform experience across all channels and touch points. Organisations are mostly choosing to implement their omni-channel experience through one of the following ways:

  • Using any sophisticated omni channel products.
  • Using advanced BPM tools integrated with workflow engines.
  • Using API integration across applications and channels.

Service Offering

Quality is absolutely mission critical for organisations embarking on such initiatives, driving the need for assurance partners who can provide an end-to-end assurance solution. Maveric provides quality assurance services across channels, business applications, integration and database layers. We have the proprietary frameworks and assets to address the common challenges of testing the UX consistency across channels, device and browser fragmentation, end-to-end test cases, responsive design and dynamic content. Our integrated test delivery platform with focus on non-functional and end user experience and a multi-layered test target operating approach can help achieve the quality that you aspire for your omni channel initiatives.

Our end-to-end quality assurance services help you provide a seamless digital experience through the use of our Digital lab. The lab features wide range of tools to test digital applications and also provides remote access to real devices and simulated environments. Coupled with reusable testing libraries and proven automation testing and performance testing methodologies, we are able to fine-tune performance to deliver better business impact.

It is a fact that the complexity increases with a multi-device, multi-channel environment. Maveric can help you achieve a reduction in complexity by optimization of devices and platforms to be tested while ensuring the necessary coverage.

Key features:

  • We have successfully delivered 30+ digital projects using our Cloud-based test labs equipped with more than 3000 real devices including pre-market.
  • Every channel has a key component e.g. visual component, security component, etc. We have the ability to automate application layer as well as all other components involved, thus achieving a component-level automation.
  • We have partnerships with leading tools like IBM, HP and CA to provide an end-to-end assurance solution and hence help businesses keep up with the pace of technology change. There is a strong in-house expertise in leading open source and proprietary tools for functional automation.
  • Our expertise and working relationship with industry standard digital testing tools like Jamo, DeviceAnywhere and Perfecto help us address all your digital test creation, management and automation needs.
  • Our proven experience in customer experience technologies across industries and business functions allow us the expertise to deliver repeatable and value-driven solutions.