Cloud Testing And Performance Services

Organisations worldwide have been using cloud environments to bring down costs and achieve scalability of operations. Assuring the quality of applications in a cloud environment needs to focus on two key aspects, one addressing cloud-based provision of infrastructure by cloud service providers and the second, addressing hosting of applications in the cloud environment by application service providers.

Cloud Testing Service Offering

Maveric’s cloud testing services help organisations perform quality assurance of key features pertaining to cloud across both these aspects – infrastructure as well as application. Irrespective of the category of cloud environment – be it a private cloud or public cloud, we help you with comprehensive testing across:

  • Resource assignment: Validation of rules relating to handling spikes in resourcing requirement - memory, processor and storage, network-wired or wireless and storage, and the modes of dealing with them.
  • Billing: Validation of rules related to billing on resource assignment.

The hosting of applications on the cloud can be performed on two modes – single tenancy or multi-tenancy. While single tenancy application hosting is conventional requiring no change from testing perspective, multi-tenancy mandates new approach to testing. Our services enable both cloud service providers and SaaS/PaaS providers address quality assurance nuances from a multi-tenancy perspective.

  • Cloud service provider: Validation across key aspects like isolation of tenant data, workspace, execution characteristics, customisations and extension to business logic as well as horizontal scalability to support real-time addition/removal of tenant resources, tenants or users without interruptions to the running environment.
  • SaaS/PaaS provider: Validation across features including 24/7 availability, scalability based on demand, provision for individual rollback and restore for each tenant, accessibility across various locations, devices and software architectures to meet potentially global demand and more.