Business As Usual (BAU) Testing

The ever-changing technology landscape mandates financial services organisations across the world to constantly invest in emerging technologies to stay relevant in the competitive marketplace. Although organisations have established a set of systems and processes to cater to existing business needs, they face constant changes due to:

  • Issues identified in the production environment that need constant testing.
  • Continuous Change Management aiding business to keep pace with competition.
  • Compliance and regulatory changes mandated by industry bodies and government.
  • Technology upgrades driven by the software and IT infrastructure evolution.

Service Offering

Maveric’s Business As Usual (BAU) assurance services ensure that the changes caused by these triggers are thoroughly tested before making applications available to end user. Our services comprise the following:

  • Change request / enhancement testing:
    Aimed at conducting impact-based testing on any new changes introduced and upgrading test library.
  • Production fixes testing:
    Addressing testing of the planned and emergency production issues.
  • Regression pack creation and automation: Comprehensive suite of services covering:
    • Baseline regression test pack creation.
    • Identification of functions / modules for automation.
    • Implementation and customisation of the test automation tool, and
    • Design, execution and maintenance of automation scripts in integration with test management tool
  • Application performance / load testing: Aimed at testing performance of the application landscape across multiple parameters, in line with changes in architecture.
  • Test process creation and institutionalisation: Defining and implementing the test process and creating a comprehensive test library.
  • Comprehensive test environments and test data management: Including identification, definition, security and usage.

Our services are totally aligned to your BAU needs and delivered based on mutually agreed upon SLAs and commitment to productivity improvements. By reducing the need to focus on the quality of your application landscape in the face of constant upgrades and enhancements, we help you concentrate on your core business. You can launch error-free products much ahead of competition, thereby ensuring satisfaction of your end customers and retention.