Microservices Vs. SOA As the banking application grows in usage and demand, using microservices approach allows banks to quickly scale the app

Era of Open API Banks have opened up their banking operations to various industries.

Deeper Customer Relation in Digital Era The banking industry runs on the relationship it builds

Emparejándose con la disrupción: tendencias emergentes en el viaje de la experiencia de usuario El desarrollo del software junto con la administración del producto necesita mantenerse al ritmo de estas fuerzas tecnol

Pilares de la transformación de la QE Varios aspectos de la Transformación de Ingeniería de Calidad

Aligning to disruption: Emerging trends in the user experience journey The software development along with product management needs to keep pace with these dynamic technological forces.

Pillars of Quality Engineering The need to remodel typical Quality Assurance (QA)-driven function to one that's Quality Engineering (QE)-focused.

New age banking: Changing landscape, emerging challenges The emergence of new age banks, technology transformation shifts and fintech players have
changed the banking landscape