Banks & Fintech – Journey to the Digital Technology is no longer just an enabler, but a shaper of client interactions, relationships and investment decisions.

False positives in anti money laundering Common pitfalls and preventive measures to false positives in AML.

Test management – Execution monitoring & control tool Debottleneck report tool based on HP ALM that generates reports with great precision based on user demands.

Data quality management Insight into data quality initiatives, frameworks and methodologies.

Digital transformation Learn how customer’s digital expectations are changing the landscape of banking technology.

Do branches still matter? Rise of branchless banking to reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Banking transformation – Setting up for failure Be cognizant of the pitfalls that await any banking transformation.

Multi-Country rollouts – Challenges & solutions Learn more on a delivery model for use in both Greenfield and Brownfield transformations.

Islamic asset management – A new iceberg An insight into the Islamic Asset Management landscape - current challenges and future growth.