Insurance Application Quality Assurance Services

Insurance companies are shaking off enormous legacy systems and moving to newer technologies for managing risks better and taking new offerings to market faster. They are also saddled with high levels of manual processing, which are now being automated to enhance operational and administrative productivity. Further, there are a number of large projects or strategic programs being implemented collaboratively by business and IT at all times. These usually pertain to legacy and digital transformation, upgrading existing applications, reducing cost/improving quality of the BAU (Business-As-Usual), upgrading existing hardware stacks, process improvement or reducing regression cycle times of applications in production.

We help insurance organisations assure the quality of their application landscape across a wide range of technologies and development environments. While it is common to see large overruns in business and technology transformation programs on account of deficient requirements definition, we support such programs though our well-structured requirements definition, validation and management frameworks.

We also carry out structured and comprehensive testing of packaged and bespoke applications used by insurance companies from a functional, integration, performance as well as security perspective. Some of the packaged applications we have tested are eBao, Elixir, TCS BaNCS, INGENIUM, Life Asia 400, Group Asia, IDIT, PREMIA, TIA, CIS, Missisipi, Genesys, Aggregator, Siebel, PentaISF, PentaTAKAFUL, HP Ensure, SAP, OPUS, Kaizen, and S4i.

Over the last decade, we have supported leading names in the insurance business across life & pensions, property & casualty, and health & liability businesses. We bring deep understanding of domain, packaged applications and business product variations specific to the regions we operate in.