Data Fuel Your M&A

High speed, reduced risk, deep dive approach to maximize your M&A engagement potential

Banking M&A landscape has been witnessing a steady increase driven by an aim to deepen and broaden presence in growth markets, compete with new age Fintech players as well as increased need to drive asset growth. However, many M&A engagements run into rough weather on account of an inability to integrate effectively. The need of the hour is a partner who can seamlessly integrate applications and data from start to finish.

Our Approach

‘Backed by domain, driven by technology and validation at each step’, summarizes our approach with an aim to maximize your potential from M&A engagement.

Salient steps of our approach are outlined below.

  • Defining the problem by in-depth understanding of the business case through focus groups discussion, technical deep dives and scenario analysis, ably supported by the 5V framework
  • Identifying and calling out associated risks and mitigation measures at various stages of merger activity
  • Finalizing the right technology choices, environments and tools with the ability to create maximum impact
  • Delivering through a light weight, reduced risk model, that aims at delivering usable application data blocks in sprints rather than big bang, partitioned horizontally or vertically based on engagement needs
  • Ensuring comprehensive and faster validation through an advanced model addressing on one hand application validation and behavior reconciliation, and on the other managing data validation and reconciliation simultaneously in an automated manner.


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