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Maveric Systems provides global and regional banking leaders contextualized, BankTech solutions, across Digital Operations, Customer Experience, Connected Core and Regulatory Compliance. Combined with Maveric’s extensive banking experience and domain led frameworks, Maveric Systems is building a range of ServiceNow® solutions to accelerate digital transformation journeys for financial institutions.

Maveric System leverages ServiceNow’s Creator workflows, to build powerful low-code apps fast with no sprawl, accelerate innovation and empower citizen developers to solve problems more quickly with low-code app development, and build more quickly than with traditional development tools.


  • App Engine Studio – Fuel business development with low-code visual app development.
  • Flow Designer – Automate your business processes as digital workflows across all divisions, apps, and systems.
  • Application Development – Engage and empower developers, and builders of all skill levels to develop applications with no/low code platform.
  • Guided App Creator – Get directions to rapidly create applications, define data, and configure user experience.
  • Studio IDE – Use a web-based incorporated development environment to build, deploy, and manage apps.
  • Automated Test Framework – Perform functional testing of your applications and simplify platform upgrades
  • Service Creator – Empower non- IT staff to build applications without any programming experience.
  • Pre-built Templates – Accelerate development with pre-built templates that satisfy a variety of use cases.

Key Benefits

  • App engine consists of best practice guidance with pre-built templates and easy-to-use low-code tools
  • Accelerate delivery from months to hours with modular building blocks and our native platform features.
  • Our platform consists of built-in automation, integration, analytics, and intelligence, on a single cloud platform.
  • Enable team collaboration and reuse in a shared environment.
  • Full analytics, context, and AI-assisted recommendations to resolve issues quickly in single-view.


low code dev - Consulting Services

Consulting Services

– Enterprise service management advisory

– Implementation health checks

– Process consulting

– Service design consulting

low code dev - Technology Services

Technology Services

– Implementation services

– Integration services

– Testing services

low code dev - Managed Services

Managed Services

– Application administration

– Enhancements and customizations

– Platform Upgrade services

low code dev - Platform Developement Services

Platform Development Services

– Platform application development

– Store application development

– Application certification consulting

– Custom ServiceNow applications

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