Exciting career opportunities for Ex-servicemen

Indian Military personnel are known for their strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, teamwork and ability to succeed in the most challenging circumstances which are often life-threatening, thereby placing them in a different league from the rest of our society. Their fervor for completing a mission and delivering on their commitments within a given deadline are qualities which need to be imbibed in the corporate world.

We value military personnel for their exemplary skills and welcome this unmatched talent into the Maveric fold with career opportunities that are challenging, provide tremendous growth opportunities and instill great work culture.

  • At Maveric we recognize the incredible value that military training and experience brings to the workplace. There are no limitations to the fields in which ex-defense personnel can be employed since they are well-trained to handle known and unknown situations. The lessons learnt on the field are very much transferable to the corporate world as well.
  • Leadership, teamwork, adaptability and commitment to excellence are all qualities valued in each of our professionals which are also ingrained in those who have served in the military. This is one of the reasons why veterans and active service members are a good fit for our culture!
  • We are committed in supporting our military personals transition from military to civilian work.

Why Maveric?

When the company was started in 2000, we chose the name Maveric as it denotes everything we wished our company and its people should stand for – driven individuals who shy away from mediocrity and are adventure seekers in every aspect of living. And who better than our Army/Military personnel – they are the Original Maveric’s – part of one of the most elite and best-trained institutions in the world – they bring discipline, exemplary team spirit, determination to all the work they undertake.

That is why at Maveric, we believe in providing opportunities to our ex-military personnel so that they can transition into civilian life with the same sense of purpose, adventure and learning that the armed forces offered them. It’s our way of connecting and giving back to the armed forces community.

What Opportunities and How?

At Maveric, we see technology as an enabler - it is the tool or medium which enables us to achieve our goal of providing end-to-end assurance to our clients. With their in-built inclination and training in team work, leadership qualities, orientation to details, and discipline, all our army personnel have to master is technology in order to join our workforce and become effective right from the onset of their career with us.

We have had huge success in the past and are only too eager to train Armed forces personnel in domain and technology areas. We offer opportunities to Ex-service Officers who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the IT Software field as a techno functional QA professional.

All individuals who are interested in opportunities at Maveric are encouraged to write to us at recruitment@maveric-systems.com